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Adlisting is a premium PHP script with minimal, clean, flexible, and structured code. Using the script you can create stunning ad listing websites to buy/sell classified ads and generate revenues.

Upgrade Guide

If you want to learn more about upgrading your application, you are in the right place. Below we have added 8 easy steps to upgrade your application today. Following the steps below, you can perform an upgrade on your app.

Note: If you make any changes to the script files, and then update the script, you will lose all of those changes.

Step 1 - Delete a file

Delete the file (en.json) that are located inside your domain_root/resources/lang folder.

Step 2 - Backup the important files

  • public/uploads
  • resources/lang
  • storage
  • .env

Step 3 - Delete the old files

Delete all of the files that are located inside your domain root.

Step 4 - Download the latest version

Download the latest version from your codecanyon account, Get from here

Step 5 - Extract & upload the latest version

Extract the downloaded file and upload the file to your domain root.

Step 6 - Extract the file

Extract the file to your domain root.

Step 7 - Replace the important files

Please replace the following files and folders in their respective directories.

  • public/uploads
  • resources/lang
  • storage
  • .env

Step 8 - Run the upgrade command

Run the upgrade command by clicking on "Upgrade Now" from Setting. Admin panel -> Settings -> Upgrade Guide -> Upgrade Now