Adlisting - Classified Ads - Documentation

Adlisting is a premium PHP script with minimal, clean, flexible, and structured code. Using the script you can create stunning ad listing websites to buy/sell classified ads and generate revenues.

Developer Guide

Development & Contribution guide for Developers looking to customize Hasaal for their own projects.


  1. Unzip the zip file you have downloaded and extract it.
  2. Install composer to your system and run composer install inside your cloned folder to install all laravel/php dependencies.
  3. Create an .env file by running the following command: cp .env.example .env. Or alternately you can just copy .env.example file to the same folder and re-name it to .env.
  4. run command: php artisan key:generate to generate a unique application key.
  5. Open the link to the domain in the browser (Example: [http://localhost:8000](http://localhost:8000)) and complete the installation wizard as directed.

Source & Credits

Here are the list of tools and framework we used in this application.

  • AdminLTE (Admin Dashboard Template)
  • Laravel (Most popular PHP framework)
  • Axios - Promise based HTTP client
  • Bootstrap 5 - UI Framework for Frontend
  • Select2 - The jQuery replacement for select boxes
  • SweetAlert2 - A beautiful, responsive Pop box design library.
  • jQuery - jQuery is a JavaScript library.
  • Font Awesome - Free Icons Library
  • Google Font - Free Fonts API
  • Laravel Permission (Spatie) Package and Much more