Adlisting - Classified Ads - Documentation

Adlisting is a premium PHP script with minimal, clean, flexible, and structured code. Using the script you can create stunning ad listing websites to buy/sell classified ads and generate revenues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emails are not sending / I have errors with my SMTP.
All errors related to the email sending system are caused by either: Incorrect SMTP credentials, not properly working SMTP server, or web host blocking the actual SMTP connection. For any of these issues, contact your SMTP or web host provider.
I lost my admin password & I can't reset it, what to do?
In this case, you'd need to access your database manager (such as phpMyAdmin), select the database of the installed product, go to the users table, find your admin account and set the password to `$2y$10$uFNO0pQKEHSFcus1zSFlveiPCB3EvG9ZlES7XKgJFTAl5JbRGFCWy` which equals to `admin` as the password. Now you need to find the `uploads/cache/` from the product installation files and delete the folder you see inside.